N/Adj: Kind of like 'fun'; but you know...just, more Funh!

[The H is actually a G... it's just soo G that it turned into an H]

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One freezing blistery Winter morning, laying wide-awake on an unknown person's damp & cum-stained bed, after a typically disgusting Leeds house party, the idea of Funh was born..

I was lying there in this horrific place; coming down from a compound of new-age psychedelic drugs, & had no benzos left on me to soothe the consistent hammering of disaster and torment within my brain. Unable to move this messed-up attempt of a body attached to me, I had to focus on something; at least to prevent death from looming. Now was not the time. Not in this fucking place.

I was preparing the concept for an upcoming weekly soirée in this basement club, and whilst working with the word 'fun', I shuffled through the alphabet & seemed to strike gold with a silent 'h'.

Cool, done...   funh.

I was too fucked up to own a phone; too fucked up to think of anything else. It was gonna be that, and I was sticking with it. My obstinate-self remains stood by this flaccid moment of opportune. You love it, that's the main thing. At least we try to.

So, where are we...Not a fucking pen or paper in site; you know, like most student bedrooms. I need to write this shit down and get the fucking thing moving.


After multiple hours of contemplation, I decided to crawl uphill in the snow & extra-slippery ice for about 2 miles back home, still hallucinating wildly from the overload of 2nh-nbome (legal at the time, perhaps). The temperature was around minus 17 thousand degrees.

Taxis did not exist. Even if a determined Alpha driver was to be scouring this wicked morning; one who's car had huge thick monster-truck tyres and a giant plow attached to the front, with steaming hot air blowing all the fucking ice & shit out of the way;  I would have been too fucked-up to even protrude one of my arms in a convincing enough manner for them to stop for me.

I finally got home & smeared down the basis of Funh, and so it continues to this day. ~


It began as an obscure, attractive & somewhat eclectic club-night located in Distrikt, Leeds UK:


Today, Funh is a brand that represents a more stripped back, yet expressive style of creative arts; with the main focus directed towards abstract & impressionist paintings (check the store for available works).

Jōshua is also available for DJ hire anywhere on the planet.




Jōshua Murphy