Like fun, only more so.

One horrific January morning, laying wide-awake & alone on an unknown person's damp & cum-stained bed after a typically disgusting Leeds house party, the word Funh was born..

Unable to move this fragile mess of a body attached to me, I had to try to focus on something; at least to prevent death. Now was not the time, or place.

A few days prior, I had been offered the chance to host a weekly event in my favourite bar in the city..

This was after around 7 years of solid residencies in almost every club in the mother-city of Liverpool, as well as countless guest performances in many key venues & highly established events, alongside many high-profile artists around the UK & Europe. Examples include: Fabric, Amnesia, Cafe Mambo, Ibiza Rocks, Bugged Out, Ministry Of Sound, Gold Teeth, Bigger Than Barry, G-Bar, Waxxx & many more.

Anyway, I had been attempting to create the poster for this new event. I was using the word 'fun' as a wildy original & enticing title, and felt an upgrade was I sifted through the alphabet in my head and seemed to strike gold with a silent 'h'.

Cool, done_  Funh.

It appeared & sounded to me like a combination of a tough Berlin-esque word, whilst also being Oriental & abstract in some way. This was appealing.


After a few hours of contemplating existence, I decided to crawl uphill in the snow & ice for about 2 miles back home, still hallucinating wildly from the overload of 2nh-nbome (legal at the time, perhaps). The temperature was around minus 17 thousand degrees.

Taxis did not exist on this day. Even if a determined Alpha driver was to be scouring this wicked morning; one who's car had giant monster-truck tyres and a snow-plow attached to the front, with steaming hot air blowing all the fucking ice & shit out of the way...  I would have still been too fucked-up to protrude one of my arms in a convincing enough manner for them to stop for me.


It began as an obscure & eclectic midweek club-night located in Distrikt (with a different poster because they didn't like this one):


Today, Funh represents a more stripped back, yet expressive style of creative arts.
The current headquarters are now based in Lisbon, Portugal.

After spending most of this life seeking & discovering unusual and interesting pieces of all forms of art, and picking up on trends early; it seemed like a reasonable thing to get into the Art trade.

As well as continuing to perform around the city, whilst working heavily on the production of original music also, there is now a focus on buying and selling modern & contemporary artwork from high-profile, established international artists, as well as upcoming & undiscovered superstars.

Find some of the current offerings in the Store.

Jōshua is always available for DJ hire anywhere on the planet.




Jōshua Alexander Murphy